EMI receivers and solutions with powerful integrated technology covering a frequency range of 20Hz to 40 GHz
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    TEMPEST receivers and systems complete with manual and automated controls, permitting percision measurements, tests, and analysis.
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  • Surveillance
    RF measurement test equipment with exception sensitivity and extremely low noise floor.
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  • Antennas and Accessories
    Broadband and tuned antennas and accessories designed to meet your various testing environment needs
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Dynamic Sciences International, Inc. (DSII) has a over 45 years of design and manufacturing experience for test and measurement equipment. Our product line includes EMI, TEMPEST and Surveillance receivers and accessories including a wide range of antennas, preamplifiers, LISN’s and probes. The test and measurement products today are used by the leading test laboratories, wireless, computer and television manufactures including the military, aerospace, satellite and defense industries, to provide data security for classified and other secured data processing, computer and computer networks.


Our Products



The R-1550 TEMPEST Receiver complies with the NSA TEMPEST Test standards. As well as all test parameters  required for TEMPEST testing, frequency range, accuracy, stability, tape size, attenuation, gain, etc. 


The EMI Test series of receivers is know as the DSI-600. A fully compliant test system for all your EMI Testing needs. (Compliant to CISPR 16-1, FCC, ANSI, DO-160, EN, MIL-STD-461). The receiver is complete with an embedded high speed PC & powerful software operating in a Windows environment. The DSI-600 receiver may operate in three modes.:1) Spectrum Analyzer, 2) Receiver System Mode, and 3) Remote Mode (Driven by external controls.) 



The Surveillance system family of receivers and RF ancillary equipment Features exceptional RF measurement sensitivity accuracy, flexible signal collection, storage, retrieval and report preparation capabilities. Many signals that defy analysis by other means can be understood by an operator when presented in a visual format. The RG-1000A Raster Generator makes this possible. This instrument contains a unique combination of digital and analog circuitry that allows conversion of almost any repetitive electronic signal into a pictorial display. 



Our Antenna’s and Accessories support electronic field strength measurements ranging from 20 Hz to 40 GHz. We also support magnetic field strength measurements from 100 Hz to 20 MHz These devices are suitable for shielded enclosure or general field use. Our product line consist of Broadband Antennas, PreAmplifiers, LISN’s, Comb Generator, Near Field Probes, Clamps and more. 



Our Company 


With over 45 years of design and manufacturing experience for test and measurement equipment Dynamic Sciences International, Inc. (DSII) continues to support our customers with the highest quality of service.

Our product line includes EMI, TEMPEST and surveillance receivers and accessories including a wide range of antennas, preamplifiers, LISN’s and probes.

Today, DSII complies with the demands of our customers, excelling in both the government and commercial markets. DSII produces compliant equipment for CISPR, MIL-STD test and automotive requirements. Our corporate offices are located in Chatsworth, CA just 35 miles north of Los Angeles, with sales offices and distributors worldwide.