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With over 45 years of design and manufacturing experience for test and measurement equipment Dynamic Sciences International, Inc. (DSII) continues to support our customers with the highest quality of service.

Our product line includes EMI, TEMPEST and surveillance receivers and accessories including a wide range of antennas, preamplifiers, LISN’s and probes.

Today, DSII complies with the demands of our customers, excelling in both the government and commercial markets. DSII produces compliant equipment for CISPR, MIL-STD test and automotive requirements. Our corporate offices are located in Chatsworth, CA just 35 miles north of Los Angeles, with sales offices and distributors worldwide.


  • 1972 Turpin Systems is founded by a team of 15 designers and engineers.
  • 1974 Dynamic Sciences is founded on the development high tech design services for telecom devices and advanced computer systems.
  • 1975 Dynamic Sciences acquired the Raytheon’s Tempest technology and product line.
  • 1977  Dynamic Sciences introduced their original TEMPEST receiver the R-1250.
  • 1981 Dynamic Sciences introduced the successor to the DSI-1250 the DSI-9000 TEMPEST Test System to the marketplace.
  • 1983 Dynamic Sciences use advanced technology to enhance the R-1250 receiver to up to 18GHz and designed the 1180 Microwave Downconverter.
  • 1986 Dynamic Sciences formed a corporate merger with NPTS creating Dynamic Sciences International, Inc.
  • 1988 Dynamic Sciences launched their first surveillance receiver the R-110.
  • 1989 Dynamic Sciences developed the complete surveillance system known as the DSI-110.
  • 1990 Dynamic Sciences continued to enhance the technology of the R-110 and create the updated version of the receiver known as the R-110B.
  • 1992 Dynamic Sciences continue to enhance with the development of the surveillance receiver family and manufactured their first laboratory and mobile Surveillance Receiver System known as the DSI-110L/P & DSI-120L/P Measurement Systems.
  • 1993 Dynamic Sciences introduced their first EMI Compliant Test and Measurement receiver and system the DSI 200.
  • 1994 Dynamic Sciences created Virtual Front Panel EMI Test and Measurement compliant system.
  • 1998 Dynamic Sciences improved their Microwave Downconverter technology enhancing the frequency ranges to 22 GHz and 40 GHz.
  • 2000 Dynamic Sciences developed the second version of the EMI Test System with updated software and hardware to design the improved EMI Test and Measurement systems creating the DSI-202.
  • 2001 Dynamic Sciences developed the third generation Tempest Test and Measurement system known as the DSI-1550.
  • 2003 Dynamic Sciences introduced the second generation of EMI fully compliant test system for CISPR-16-1, FCC, ANSI, DO-160 and EN-STD 461. The DSI 600 EMI Test and Measurement systems with 2GHz, 27GHz and 40GHz configurations.
  • 2005 Dynamic Sciences International continued to enhance the software and hardware of the TEMPEST test receiver creating the DSI-1550A TEMPEST test system with frequency ranges from 20 Hz to 26 GHz.
  • 2006 Dynamic Sciences International presented software upgrades and front panel display with soft-key interfaces for the DSI-600 making the system more user friendly in a Windows environment.
  • 2008 Dynamic Sciences International introduced the DSI-600-12 an EMI compliant test receiver. The receiver is mid-range receiver operating from 20 Hz to 12.5 GHz.
  • 2012 Dynamic Sciences International added to their accessory line that included Preamplifiers, LISN’s, Probes. Antennas Turntables and Mast.
  • 2014 Dynamic Sciences International opened up a new headquarters in Chatsworth, CA.
  • 2018 Dynamic Sciences International designed the fifth generation TEMPEST Measurement Receiver and System the R-1550B and DSI-1550B. The receive includes everything to operate from a frequency range of 100 Hz to 2 GHz, 12 GHz, 22 GHz and 40 GHz.


Dynamic Sciences Today

Dynamic Sciences International, continues to deliver our customers with the same vibrant and innovative products specializing in the design and manufacture of sophisticated automated test and measurement systems.

The test and measurement products today are used by the leading test laboratories, wireless, computer and television manufactures including the military, aerospace, satellite and defense industries, to provide data security for classified and other secured data processing, computer and computer networks.

The products are suitable for testing wire and wireless data communication and processing systems, operating at frequencies of current high-speed computers and microwave communication.

For More Information about our company and products email us at market@dynamicsciences.com or call us (800) 966-3713 or internationally at (818) 226-6262.