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Dynamic Sciences EMI Test and Measurement Receivers are fully compliant test systems for all EMI testing needs. Compliant to CISPR 16-1, FCC, ANSI, DO-160, EN, MIL-STD-461.) Our receivers are complete with an embedded high speed PC and powerful software operating in a Windows environment. The receivers are built in three modes 1.) Spectrum Analyzer, 2) Receiver System Mode and 3) Remote Mode (Driven by external controls.)

Our EMI Test and Measurement Receiver the DSI-600 is available in the following models:


DSI-600-2 20 HZ TO 2 GHZ

DSI-600-4 20 HZ TO 4 GHZ

DSI-600-12 20 HZ TO 12.5 GHZ

DSI-600-27 20 HZ TO 26.5 GHZ

DSI-600-40 20 HZ TO 40 GHZ