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LISN 100 Amps For MIL-STD 461

The LI-4100 Line Impedance Stabilization Network (LISN) can handle upto 100 Amps AC (70Amps DC) current and provides the necessary measurement platform for performing power line conducted emissions compliance testing as required by MILSTD 461F.

The concept and advantages of the LISN is to:
a) connect in series with, and impose a defined impedance on, the lines under test; thereby providing a distinct advantage over current or voltage probe measurements, where the impedance of the lines is largely uncontrolled;
b) provide a coaxial RF measurement port for connection to the measurement equipment, to which the disturbance voltages present at the EUT port are coupled for measurement; and,
c) isolate the AE (ancilliary equipment) port from the EUT and RF ports, which:

1) minimizes the influence of the AE-connected equipment/cabling on the impedance (and voltage division factor) of the network; and,
2) reduces the amplitude of any ambient signals, as well as spurious disturbance voltages generated by the AE-connected equipment, thereby minimizing their potential impact on the measurement results.
Two pairs of LI-4100 can be used to accommodate 3-phase power systems (Wye or Delta configurations).