Dynamic Sciences broadband high gain preamplifiers were designed for electromagnetic interference (EMI) testing and certification. EMC test labs use preamplifiers to improve sensitivity of the test system during EMI radiated emissions measurements. Without a high gain preamplifier, signals picked by the antenna that have amplitudes below the noise floor of the test system cannot be measured. The preamplifier gain has minimum variations for the entire operating frequency range for accurate emissions measurements. The Dynamic Sciences preamplifiers were primarily intended for EMC applications. However, it can be used for other applications that require signal amplification.

PreAmplifiers for EMI use

1 GHz-18 GHz 25 dB gain
1 MHz-1 GHz 32 dB gain
10 MHz-1000 MHz 21 dB gain
10 MHz-6 GHz 27 dB gain
100 Hz-30 MHz 28 dB gain
18 GHz-40 GHz 25 dB gain