The DSII model R-1584 Microwave Downconverter extends the coverage of the R-1550A, or other DSII wide range receivers, to 40 GHz.

The Downconverter features a simplified human interface which permits direct tuning to desired frequencies without requiring operator interpretation. When connected to the R-1550A, the receiver tuning display is extended to 40 GHz, and tuning, port selection, gain adjustment and attenuation settings are all accomplished with receiver controls and displays, eliminating the need for adjusting the controls of both units.

The R-1584 is fully compatible with DSII automated measurement systems, such as the DSI-1550A. When the Downconverter is connected, the extended frequency range is seamlessly integrated with the system sweep and interactive displays.

The R-1584 Downconverter utilizes a multiple conversion design with pre-selection filtering, low phase-noise synthesizers, and high-quality components to provide superior signal capture capability.

The built-in microprocessor controls operations and provides display of frequency and status. Communications with external equipment is provided via the IEEE-488 bus.