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June 2018 Product Release: R-1550B TEMPEST TEST RECEIVER


Dynamic Sciences introduces our newest edition to the product family the R-1550B TEMPEST Wide Range Measurement Receiver System. A high performance unit able to meet with all of the TEMPEST testing requirements of today. The R-1550B TEMPEST receiver provides the user with easy to use manual and automated abilities to monitor and measure the device under test.

The R-1550B contains an expanded bandwidth setting below 20 kHz that is selected from the front panel of the receiver. The stand receiver bandwidths are 50Hz, 100Hz, 200Hz, 500Hz, 1kHz, 2kHz, 5kHz, 10kHz, 20kHz, 50kHz, 100kHz, 200kHz, 500kHz, 1MHz, 2MHz, 5MHz, 10MHz, 20MHz, 50MHz, 100MHz, 200MHz 500MHz

The following bandwidths are also available manually: 250Hz, 300Hz, 400Hz 640Hz, 800Hz, 1.3kHz, 1.6kHz, 2.5kHz, 3kHz, 4kHz, 6.4kHz, 9kHz, 13kHz

The R-1550B receiver base unit frequency range is 20Hz to 2GHz. With an upgradable design of 12GHz, 22.5GHz and 40GHz

For more information visit our TEMPEST product page.