Our TEMPEST Receivers comply with the NSA TEMPEST Test standards and the test parameters required for TEMPEST testing, frequency range, accuracy, stability, step size, attenuation, gain, etc. A complete automated TEMPEST Test system contains our powerful PC & software… The DSI-1550 family provides for sweep, interactive & single measurement, storage and retrieval of setup (parameters) as well as printing reports. The extensive calibration program optimizes measurement accuracy for low noise figure & high sensitivity. The standard DSI-1550B configuration offers an extensive library of software and hardware accessories that will allow tailoring of a system to be specific needs.

Our TEMPEST System and Receivers the DSI-1550 family are available in the following models


R-1550B 100 Hz to 2 GHz

DSI-1550B 100 Hz to 2 GHz

DSI-1550B-12.5 100 Hz to 12.5 GHz

DSI-1550B-26.5 100 Hz to 26.5 GHz

DSI-1550B-40 100 Hz to 40 GHz